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Central Med 1942 SEOW Mini-Campaign
« on: Yesterday at 03:30:05 AM »
We flew the final mission  ( 6/6 ) in our SEOW learning campaign tonight ( 8/12/2018 ).

The resupply of Pantelleria and Lampedusa ended in a draw after the 6 missions.
The Allies prevented the resupply of Pantelleria , with a savage last minute strike at dusk by
Beaufighters , Hurricanes , a Beaufort and a Sunderland.
The Axis prevailed at Lampedusa , with Bf110s decimating the Swordfish strike that attempted to sink the freighters sent there
to resupply the island.

Tawny was the Allied Commander , and Emmett Grogan was the Axis Commander.
I have to say they are both very sneaky in their plotting and planning.

I am sorry that this campaign didn't interest more AH Pilots.

I want to thank AH_Kawilder , AKA Jellyman , for setting up SEOW and allowing me to run this campaign on his server , and
for providing me with vital technical skill and problem solving  - I needed the help.

I also got invaluable assistance from 4Shades at SEOWHQ , and from CSThor at =VARP=.

We had about 16 humans involved overall , and averaged about 10 pilots ( 5 per side)  per mission.

I think the participants enjoyed it enough that we can populate another Campaign Scenario ,
Theatre and Timeframe to be determined.

I am going to relax for a couple of weeks before I start building the next one.

Thanks again , Jellyman !

PS You didn't shoot me down after all !

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Re: Central Med 1942 SEOW Mini-Campaign
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 05:19:44 AM »
The hunt shall continue, lol.


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Re: Central Med 1942 SEOW Mini-Campaign
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awww... sad i missed it