In case you were wondering what ordinance loadout does what.

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I found this list of ordinance (bombs / rockets) from different countries in IL2 and what they're best used for. Unfortunately Japan was omitted. However it gives a pretty good rundown on mudmoving hardware.

German ordinance:

AB - cluster bombs
AB250 has 108 sd-2 "butter-fly bombs" effective against anything but tanks and ships
AB500 has 74 SD-4HL anti-tank bombs with minimal radius so a direct hit it needed
AB1000 lauches several hundred 1B or 2B Incendiary bombs

SC - general purpose bombs
SD - semi-armour piercing and fragmentation bomb
(In the game these are pretty much identical in every way)

PC-1600 - armor piercing bomb
Should be effective against armoured ships and bunkers, but in the game it's not, go with big SC bombs

Wf.Gr.21- anti-aircraft rocket
R4M "Orkan" - anti-aircraft rocket

Russian ordinance

FAB - general purpose bombs

VAP-250 - napalm canister
Drops a long line of napalm

AJ-2 - incendiary cluster bombs
As above but with incendiary bombs (takes out Panzer IIIs)

AO-10 - fragmentation cluster bombs
Again drops in a long line, can take out Panzer III with direct hits

PTAB-2.5 - anti armor cluster bombs
The mother of all convoy killing weapons, drops a long line of anti-tank bomblets, kills pretty much anything bar king tigers.

RS-82, RS-132 - general purpose rockets

ROFS-132 - high explosive fragmentation rocket
These kill light tanks as well, bigger destructive radius than on the BRS.

BRS-82, BRS-132 - anti armor rockets
Kills every tank in the game.

M-13 - incendiary rockets

Western allies

- parafrag bombs - general purpose retarded bombs
These work very well against linear targets like airfields and convoys
- 100 lb bomb - general purpose
- 250 lb bomb - general purpose
- 500 lb bomb - general purpose
- 1000 lb bomb - general purpose
- 2000 lb bomb - general purpose

60lb RP-3 rockets - general purpose rocket
2,75' HVAR - general purpose rocket
5' HVAR - general purpose rocket
5 ' AP HVAR - armour-piercing rocket
Again the AP rocket has smaller destructive radius, and against japanese tanks the GP rockets are enough.

"Tiny Tim" - general purpose rocket
These are do as much damage as 500lb bombs, as incidently the warhead is a normal 500lb SAP bomb.

Landing is a controlled collision with a planet



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Landing is a controlled collision with a planet