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Started by Foxbat, November 06, 2007, 01:15:39 AM

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I love my country..It's the government I'm afraid of.


At that awkward age where your brain has gone from " Probably shouldn't say that" to
"What the hell, let's see what happens"?  Me too.


awesome vid, there, Spardog. Watched it twice!


Saw that on the History Channel Spar. Great Find!

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In formation flying, timing is everything.


Great topic here, while i dont fly closed pit like you guys do, my skills ( if you would call it that  :hahaha-024: ) came from the school of hard knocks and some guys that fly the boom n zoom tactics, it does mostly come down to the plane and guy behinde the stick but a few other online df server tips i usualy pass on are 1 when theres a cap over your base simply move to another, when this isnt possable ive had some luck by just sitting there watching, sometimes theres a break where your side gets the upper hand and theres a small window to take off.

                                          When you take off, fly away from the action untill you get to the alt you want. Again i dont fly closed pit so i usualy use externals to see who is the highest threat and clime to that alt then turn back into the fight. I usualy fly the 51 or 47 and even the 38 so i need to know a few things about them such as trim settings, prop pitch settings, rad settings and when it will come unglued speed but so far the J2m is the toughest plane i usualy face, its fast at level flight, in the clime and can catch a 47 at 12K not to mention the guns it has. but this bird can be brought down, a good wingman always helps  :happy-112: not shure when the Jm2 breaks apart in a dive tho, i know a 47 will go a bit past 900.

                                     Anyways my 2 cents worth, well maybe its worth alot less  :hahaha-024:


~S~ here's another one
you might check this guy's name


The "Drag and Bag"(Wingman Tactics) :

the closer you get to realistic setting the easier this is to achieve, provided you see your opponent first...

seeing the opponent first is done by flying nap of earth... this holds certain risks and should be used in moderation... if you are out-numbered in an area, the Situation can only be worsened by being lower than a bogey so this is Not for you... but if you have even or superior numbers, it is viable.

now... say you have 2 pilots... and you're flying against 2 bogeys(breathers), you see them, they don't see you...
go through what is refered to as a pincer,
left plane goes bracket left (30 to 60 degrees to left of bogeys) and brings up a gentle climb
right plane goes bracket right (30 to 60 degrees to right of bogeys) and matches left plane climb..
-generally you will obtain about 5-7km seperation from your wingman before either of you is spotted...
the trick is to get the pilots to see one of you and lock on... you will maintain your 30 degrees off target until they engage or you meet your wingman behind the targets...

you'll want to climb at a rate of being higher than them before you get there.... as so to encourage them to see you....

paying close attention to them is Key as soon as they turn towards one of you both will need to react accordingly

-if, by some fluke, you do make it thier six onseen... pull up to them and embarrass them(with extreme vigor)

what happens they then turn to engage:

easy... the one they engage runs(split S and dive out at max speed on an RTB heading, or from originally point, giving a mild lead pursuit angle to bogeys and a better angle to wingman)... the other will want to take an angle of direct pursuit or slight lead pursuit on his wingman...

this will ensure a trail position on the bogeys who are actually closer to the wingman....

the bogeys will undoubtably close on the runner... and at this point the bagger(wingman) should be within 2k of bogeys...

the Dragger will then need to dump his speed and in a hurry while maintaining an irregular aspect to the bogeys but maintaing heading as much as possible...

a large high-speed start/ low-speed exit barrel roll with alot of rudder will do the trick... the bogeys will try to follow into the barrel roll and dump speed as well where the bagger will have a very large speed advantage and a good low-entry boom and zoom angle....

the dragger does not want to change heading too much.... as he wants to keep the bogeys heading away from the chaser....

once the dragger dumps his speed the chaser needs to kill/damage all the bogeys quickly or one of the good guys are gonna die...

this is very timed and very intense and you need to be comfortable with your wingman so you can be prepared for his manuvers and what the bogeys will do .... but as long as they stay engaged on the runner... the chaser will have the kill shot...

when you get home.... the dragger buys :)


~S~ ALL. Maby you have seen these but if not they are the best I have ever seen.

Click on movies and then instructions.
I love my country..It's the government I'm afraid of.


S~ Thanks TD.. i have had two of those vids for a while now.. wasn't really sure where they came from.. now i know..

At that awkward age where your brain has gone from " Probably shouldn't say that" to
"What the hell, let's see what happens"?  Me too.


Dart (I forget what squadron he is with) use to fly with in some of the WW hosted online battles. He's a realy funny guy to have around and an awesome shot!

"I wish I was who I was when I wanted to be what I am today" - Jimi Hendrix


I have a couple of them saved as well very informative, and funny


Some of the guys were asking what convergence to use for the Spit Mark 1.  I tested the Spit offline against the 109 E-4.  YMMV, but here is what I found:

Following Galland's rule, if you wait until the 109 fills the reticle, you will be about 100  to 110 meters behind the 109. Using 1.25 convergence,  the 109 is destroyed in 3 seconds.

If you wait until the 109 fills 50% of the reticle, you will be about 150 meters behind. At that point all I could do was damage the 109, but not kill it. I used all the ammo, but could not kill the 109. That's where a wingman comes in handy.

I repeated these tests 10-12 times, pretty much consistent results.

My tests indicate that a convergence of 125 to 150 works, but I really need to wait until the 109 fills the reticle.


~S~ A good bit of usefull infirmation except for <That's where a wingman comes in handy>. We very seldom use wingmen. We would rather die alone.
I love my country..It's the government I'm afraid of.


Here's a suggestion -dont program any key on your joystick or throttle control that you dont need in combat.  Leave them to the keyboard.

That means get rid of bailout, gear, canopy, wingfold, radiator, wep, lights, smoke, etc.  Dont program anything to stick/throttle that would accidently interfere with combat.  I got this idea from looking at the cockpit of the p51 and the dora. 

Put that stuff on the keyboard. I use a lighted kb (logitech g-15) and have all that within easy reach.

No more accidental gear down!