Windows 7 Ready boost

Started by HA_50, September 23, 2011, 11:06:27 PM

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ok here is another way to speed up your Win 7 computer. First you need to purchase a Flash USB stick. I got the Sandisk cruze 32 gb. It must have a fast data rate , The Sandisk has 480 mbs. Then what you do is plug it into a free USB 2.0 or faster port. A window will open and give you options to do things with it like store data etc etc, Dont do anything yet just close the window. Now hit yer My Computer tab and then right klik on the sandisk stick icon, then choose the Format tab. In the window that opens choose file type as ntfs it will be set to Fat32 by default choose NTFS and hit format. onec it is formated close the windows Klik on the my computer tab again. Right klik the sandisk stick icon and choose properties. Then choose the ready boost option tab. Set it to use this device or dedicate this device for ready boost. hit apply and yer done. You should let windows choose the amount of to use. Also you MUST use a flash that is at least 2 times as large as the amount of ram on your system.  What readyboost does is not let the system use hard drives space to cache files it is using. It caches them on the flash drive which is aproxx 8 times faster than your hard drive. I have tested this for a week now and it works great


Nice tip! now, I just need to get Windows 7.



You can do the same with Vista      :happy-112:
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