Deviant's Return Attempt #50327...

Started by _AH_Deviant, January 07, 2015, 01:25:27 AM

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Hi! Hoping to, yet again, try to get back into this game (and this awesome group of people who I horribly miss). I wanted to know what I need to get in terms of programs, mods, and even games (as the new IL-2 games are out now...are we converted over now? Not that I care either way, though). Anyways, let me know, and also let me know the best day of the week to sign in. I'll try to make a habit of it. :)


Welcome on your upcoming return!

_AH_Jack is the man for info on what you need!
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We are currently running IL2 4.12.2M HSFX7 v 1.0.3.  Here's a link to the downloads you'll need.

It's the most complete source I've found.

You'll need to start by patching your game to 4.12.2m before installing the HSFX7 mod pack.  Once HSFX7 is working, you can switch between the stock game and the History Mod game using the JSGME application.

You'll also want to run the updater.

It's pretty awesome.


Welcome Back Dev.  We've been having to deal with you brother BBQ Head. We need you back to straighten him out and your other brothers AH_Jack and DW and Skatrash.