Author Topic: Spitfire 3D models and how they relate to skins  (Read 846 times)

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Spitfire 3D models and how they relate to skins
« on: January 05, 2017, 12:22:19 AM »
We were talking a little last night about how spitfire skins fit on some versions and not others. There are two different 3D models in the game and they are texture mapped differently.

The first is used for the Spitire Mks I, II, Va, Vb and IX with a variation of it used for the XVI.

The second is used for the Spitfire Mks Vc, VIII and Seafires. A variation of this model is used for the griffon engined Spitfires, the Mk. XII and XIV.

The first one is laid out like this (This is a IX) :

This model is a massive pain in the arse because they stretched the textures in several places requiring you to warp your markings to compensate. Thats why the fuselage roundels, the codes to the right of them and the serial number are all skewed and mishapen on the skin. Even then its still a little mishapen in game.

The second is like this (This is an VIII) :

This one does'nt suffer from alot of stretching so the markings can be applied straight and look the same in game.

So generally a skin will fit on any subvariant that uses the same model, more or less. There may be some issues between some variant. For example the Vc has a stubbier nose than the VIII and the XII and XIV have alot of redesigned 3D parts that could cause issues. It all depends on how tolerant you are of bit of color in the wrong place or certain bits of texture missing.


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