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Adler Tag - Another Mini-Camapaign for SEOW
« on: December 19, 2018, 03:40:17 PM »
Hi Guys,

             If all goes well , I am planning to start my next SEOW Mini-Campaign , designed for
             learning the nuances of SEOW for beginner commanders in the new year.

             I will stick with Saturdays for the Missions for 2 reasons :
             1. Sat doesn't conflict with planned AH activities
             2. Time suited previous participants

             As some of you know , the previous campaign was Central Med 1942 , and ran 6 Missions.

             My intent with this next campaign , is to introduce some new concepts and applications
             that SEOW offers , again in a learner friendly environment for fledgeling SEOW Commanders.

             Historical Situation :

             The date is 12 August 1940.
             Continental Europe is under control of Nazi Germany.
             Only Britain is resisting the German domination.
             Hoped for US support to this date has been unforthcoming , and truth be told ,
             despite FDRs sympathies to the British position , broader influences in the
             US Government are dubious as to whether the Brits can weather the storm , and
             don't want to sign on to assist a sinking ship.

             With the strength of the Royal Navy dissipated between the Atlantic , the Pacific ,
             and the Mediterranean , and much of the British Army lost on the continent -
             especially heavy equipment and armour - both the Germans and the British know that Fighter
             Command of the RAF is the only force stopping the Germans from invading Britain.

             Will it be enough ?

             The Campaign will break down as follows :

             Map used :  Channel 1940 ( I know the airfields are not the best on this map , but it is closest to the
                                 correct historical area covered)

             1 Luftwaffe Recon Mission 12 August 1940 (Key in SEOW to providing necessary information for bomber targets)
             1 Night Mission                  12/13 August   Ground and naval movements only
             6 Missions                          13 August 1940  "Adler Tag ( Eagle Day)"

              This Campaign will feature :
                                                             1.  Level bombing ( Luftwaffe)
                                                             2.  Dynamic Radar
                                                             3.  Factory Targets for Bombers
                                                             4.  Fog of War

              The RAF is fully defensive here. More than 90% of the Aircraft available to the RED Side will be Hurricane and Spitfire Fighters.
              Their is one FAA Sqdn of Martlets ( yes Martlets) the RN version of the F4F Wildcat.
              The only other aircraft available to the RAF will be Coastal Patrol Beauforts , Swordfish , and Walruses.

               The Luftwaffe force available will feature an historical ratio ( scaled down) of Bombers , Dive Bombers , Zerstoerers , 
               Fighters , Recon AC and Transports.
               (He-111s, Ju88s , Do17s , Ju87s , Bf110s , and Bf109s , Ar196s , Ju52s)
               The Luftwaffe will have to manage assignments of bombers to multiple target types to achieve victory , and will have to
               carefully plan escort missions to protect their bombers.
               They will have to manage supply considerations as well.
               Operational Targets may include :
               1) Fighter Bases - Active Fighter Bases at Campaign end will contribute directly to Victory Conditions
               2) RAF Aircraft - Delta Ratio of Number of Aircraft at Campaign end will contribute directly to Victory Conditions
               3) Radar Installations - with functioning radar in the works this will be vital.
               4) Anti-Aircraft Defences :   AA Gun Positions , Barrage Balloons , Observer Corps Positions will all be functional
               5) Supply Convoy - a vital supply convoy is en route from London to Southampton with industrial materiel necessary
                    to support factory production in factories on the south coast - Number of Ships alive at Campaign end will contribute
                    directly to Victory Conditions.
               6) Factories - a number of factories of varying values ( values unknown to the Germans at start) Factories active at
                   Campaign end  will contribute directly to Victory Conditions.

               Can the RAF stave off the ability of the Germans to execute Unternehmen Seelowe ( Operation Sea Lion ) ,
               the amphibious assault across the Channel ?

               It's up to you.

               Anyone interested please contact me and let me know your side preferences.
               This is a great campaign if you like level bombing ( for the Luftwaffe).

               Please don't just express interest - contact me if you will be willing to participate.

               Thanks again to AH_Kawilder for humouring me with his technical support.