Author Topic: Carrier Takeoff 5.7 for HSFX 7  (Read 1949 times)

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Carrier Takeoff 5.7 for HSFX 7
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:46:48 PM »;dl=item379

I uploaded the Carrier Takeoff 5.7 for HSFX 7 MOD to our website, available at the above link.

To install simply unzip the "Carrier Takeoff 5.7 for HSFX 7" and place it in your "jsgmemods" folder in your main game directory. You can then enable the MOD through the JSGME program.

I uploaded this into a section that does require registration or anything to download it, so this link can be passed on to non-AH pilots who fly with us who might be missing this mod. Not many of the guests seem to be using it as yet, so they are spawning out of place or airstarting when they should'nt.


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