Author Topic: FA_Mongoose Memorial flight 1-6-2019 7pm est today we will be on com by 6pm est  (Read 91 times)

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~S~ everyone  FA_Mongouse Memorial flight today:


     Just a reminder we will start the Memorial at 7pm est today.  We will be getting on 2 hrs early to get set up if ya want to come on in then.  Here is Pedro‚Äôs team speak
Password= jolly
   We may be switching to a diff. teamspeak channel but I will have Pedro's channel open as well.  So we can pass on any info for any change

If ya have il2 1946 v 4.13.4 loaded you can catch a ride on any of the bombers or just pick a plane on the ground to view static cameras.   

I also have my phone with me just in case you need help 402-339-1707

Bob Jackson

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Reminder, the memorial will be stock version 4.13