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FNF For Next Weekend
« on: April 01, 2019, 04:15:57 PM »
Hi Guys,

            I have another FNF that will be ready for next weekend , to give Jack a bit of a break , and to inject
            a little wind of change.

            It is non-historical , with an aircraft set that bears no resemblance to any WW2 event(s).

            The Map used will be Sardegna if you want to get oriented in terms of Geography.

            The aircraft set will give each side aircraft that serve specific purposes , but with different characteristics
            that will need to be embraced to maximize success.

            Blue Aircraft                                                           Red Aircraft

            LaGG3 Series 1                                                       IAR 81a
            Hurricane IID  (really big guns - 40mm)                   MC 200 FB
            Hs-123B                                                                Mosquito BIV ( no guns ! - but performance should outstrip all other ac)
            TB-7 M-40F    (big bombload)                                  DB-3M (modest bomb load , but with defensive MGs)
            Swordfish MkI                                                        TBD-1
            Ar-196                                                                   PBY

            First line fighters will have default armament only , or a very small ordinance load.
            Second line fighters will be intended for Ground Attack and will have heavier ordinance loadouts.
            Each side has at least one level bomber - flak over targets at lower altitude WILL be risky.
            Each side has one Torpedo plane.
            Each side has one Seaplane Type.

            Each side has three airfields , and at least one Seaplane Base.
            Each side will have an airstart Homebase ( for airframe resupply ).
            Aircraft supply at on map airfields will be FINITE/LIMITED.
            Stationary aircraft represent airframes available for respawn - if they are destroyed ,
            the airframes available at that airbase will be reduced , so some thought must be given
            to airbase protection.

            The AIRSTART Homebases have an infinite aircraft supply , so neither side will run out of any type of airframe
            - HOWEVER if the enemy destroys all your stationary aircraft you will be doing a lot of ferrying.

            Individual Scores will be turned off.
            Team score is all that counts.

            Targets will be well defended.
            Individual attacks will likely have reduced chance of success.

            My rationale in the design for this FNF is to promote the practice of small group coordination.
            In the normal pattern of FNF , I see a preponderence of individualism , and settings that
            support success in that manner.

            I have never yet heard of a group plan for an FNF mission , and any short term plans always seem
            to deteriorate sooner or later to individual sorties with individual purpose.

            I enjoy and find much more satisfaction in teamwork , and this FNF is designed to encourage that.

            Heck , if you all hate it , it's only one session.


            PS If I get enough time , I'll send a practice DF map to Jelly to put up on the server ( if he has time to do so).

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Re: FNF For Next Weekend
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2019, 04:58:42 PM »
Here's a Map of "FNF_The Island"


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Re: FNF For Next Weekend
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2019, 11:47:33 PM »
looks good .. i like it

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Re: FNF For Next Weekend
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2019, 04:40:31 PM »
Greetings All !

(EXCERPT from the brief for tonights FNF "The Island")


Welcome to "The Island"  in 1941 ( or so)

This morning at 0730 emissaries from the BLUE Government in the north declared
that they wanted the RED (southern) half of the Island.

Hostilities to commence at 0800.

Note that there is a limited aircraft set for both sides.

Each side has a primary fighter , a secondary fighter/fighter-bomber , a torpedo bomber ,
a level bomber , and a seaplane type.

Take a moment to consider the qualities of your aircraft , and use them wisely.

While neither side can run out of aircraft , stationary aircraft represent replacement aircraft.
As pilots have aircraft destroyed , these aircraft will be removed from the airfield inventory.
It is as important to return your aircraft to base as destroying enemy targets.
If all stationaries at an airfield are destroyed , aircraft will have to be brought in from another

( ALL Aircraft types may be ferried onto the map
from that sides AIRSTART RESUPPLY BASE , and replenish the airframe count at any friendly
airfield or seaplane base. )


Succeeding in this mission will require a re-adjustment of your approach to FNF.
Things will be a bit different - be prepared for this.

All valuable targets will be defended - the higher value , the stronger the defense ( in most cases ).

AI aircraft will be serving an operational purpose , not just flying around as targets.
If you destroy them , you may prevent an attack on some of your assets.
AI will be set at various levels of experience.
You must consider each AI with respect - it may have a Veteran pilot/crew.

Because of the targets' abilities to protect themselves , single aircraft attacking
(especially at low altitude) will be at risk of being shot down by AAA defenses.
Small unit group cooperation is recommended.
You have been advised.

Each side has decent level bombers - consider level bombing above 8,000 ft or so to reduce risk of
AAA casualties over important targets.
FNF seldom encourages the use of level bombers , I thought I'd try to change this for those that like to fly the
big boys.

Ground and naval units of both sides may cross over the border during the mission.

BE SURE OF YOUR TARGETS ! - don't indiscriminately attack everything on the
other side of the lines - it may be your own troops !

Realistic Navigation will be enabled. Some aircraft from each side ( not all) will have
radio navigation capabilities. Both sides have beacons , which are legitimate targets.
There is a radio station for each side ( for your listening pleasure
- or if you don't want to listen to Pretty Boy and  Mona ! )

I hope you all treat this concept for what it is - a different approach , and give it a sincere try
before you criticize it simply because the approach is different.

I am always open to measured criticism following the mission to make the next effort better.
I feel criticism is best considered when presented in writing ( PM or email , it doesn't matter) .

Most of all I hope you enjoy the differences , and find it challenging , competitive , and fun.


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Re: FNF For Next Weekend
« Reply #4 on: April 10, 2019, 09:10:06 PM »
I am uncertain of the feelings of others but I enjoyed last FNF. I didnt fly the hole thing but had things to do so please dont take my departure as a dislike.

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Re: FNF For Next Weekend
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2019, 02:21:04 AM »
Was a good map with a kopf twist to it, I enjoyed it.