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You can do it - UnPro
« on: January 05, 2021, 12:05:35 AM »

 Don't be scared!

The Unprofessionals Server is an Australian based server aimed at the newbies and casual players.


We like to encourage players on the server to have a nice laid back attitude and play style, this is not a highly competitive server or one aimed at realism, its aimed at having fun.


If you are a more experienced player you are welcome to join us but please be mindful of the aims of the server. If you are flying a fighter and notice that you starting to dominate the enemy team you are encouraged to switch it up. Fly an early war aircraft, fly a bomber or attacker, swap sides and try even out the teams, hell jump in a tank if the mission has them available, just try keep it fun for everyone.


We encourage you to join in on our weekly Sunday 8pm Melbourne Time flyouts where we jump on voice and chat with each other and generally have a good time.


Please be aware that a new set of rules applies, these can be found on our new discord server linked below.

Please follow the instructions given in the welcome room when you join to gain full access to the server.
If you can't see any additional rooms please read the welcome room chat again for instructions.


Please note that the moderators and server admins reserve the right to ban you from the server if you break the rules or are a detriment to the Unprofessionals community.



This was an original post from 2017, friendly atmosphere and nice settings.
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