Started by _AH_Moby, December 03, 2023, 11:50:46 PM

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~S~ Gentlemen.

I have a heavy heart today, I found out through social media that our Nimble had passed away peacefully at home on January 8th, 2023.  One of his nieces posted posted a kind happy heavenly bday msg to him on his Facebook page.    I didn't see anything in the AH forums (I may have missed the post), and I've sent the XO a message respectfully requesting the Wall of Honour be updated in due course. 

If I'm late in my observance of his passing, I apologize, and for those of you that did not know, I'm sorry to be the bearer of this sad news.



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I think this is the first we've heard of it, Moby. Sad news. Nimble was always such a kind old fellow.


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I have tried several times thru calling and texting to get a hold of him. I was afraid of this Nimble AKA Nolan and I where some what close. The last time I spoke with him he wanted to get back to flying. Of course this was a year or two ago. The last i spoke to him he was just getting things back in order at his home There was a major fire in his area if I remember correctly the friendly acers fire. They got it our 1 block (two homes away) from his.
I am a bit at a loss for words. ~S~ Nolan


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Rest in peace, dear friend. Your presence will be sorely missed, but your legacy will endure forever.