• ACES HIGH is an organized group of combat flight simulation pilots that flies with both honor and dignity. How individual members conduct themselves while flying online reflects upon every other member of the ACES HIGH FIGHTER GROUP.

    This Code of Conduct is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is merely a guide for the expected behavior of any person participating as an ACES HIGH member in a game we have all shown so much interest in. If everyone remembers that ACES HIGH is about honor and having fun and conduct themselves accordingly, then we will continue to have a group that is respected throughout the combat flight simulation community.

    While flying with the _AH_ tag you are considered to be "In uniform" and will conduct yourself accordingly. You will show proper respect to all other participants.

    While flying in uniform you will not openly accuse anyone of cheating or unfair play. If you have reason to believe that someone is not playing fairly then talk to the person "one on one" in private or leave the game. Nothing is settled by a childish display of temper and it only leads to bad feelings for everyone present. If you are accused of cheating, a simple response such as "No one in this group cheats, sir." or "We don't have to." and a dignified exit will do much more to prove the accuser wrong than arguing the point.

    ACES HIGH members currently fly IL2 1946 with HSFX 7.0.3. In our forums we provide an area called "Group Level Mods"¹. That topic area will contain links to all of the additional files that are required to be installed for members to fly with for all group events. The "Required\Prohibited Mods" thread lists mods required for as well as those not be be used while flying with ACES HIGH. ALL Aces High members are required to have a clean install of 1946 with ONLY mods approved by HQ and the group.

    Additional game mods² are up to the individual to test out using a separate installation of the game. Absolutely no modifications to any flight models, damage models or weaponry effectiveness is permitted at all. If you choose to fly a modified aircraft or game files that other members are not aware of, do not do so in uniform and do not associate yourself with ACES HIGH in any way, shape or form while doing so. Cheating in any form will not be tolerated.

    ACES HIGH members, when in the same room, will try to fly together in an effort to promote teamwork and cohesion. However, secretly teaming up and taking an unfair advantage without the other participants’ knowledge is not allowed.

    Proper courtesy and respect will be shown towards those of higher rank and other ACES HIGH members at all times. Any grievances, difficulties or problems relating to ACES HIGH should be taken up with those in authority over you and not discussed with those outside the group.

    Any member observed exhibiting behavior deemed not to be in accordance with the Code of Conduct and on being told by a ranking officer to desist, will immediately do so. The ranking officer present has the authority in any game over members of lower rank. There is to be no argument in public between members regarding disputes. Any issues should be brought to the attention of your Squadron Commander or a member of HQ Staff privately. In the absence of a ranking officer consider leaving the game\comms until such time as one can be contacted.

    Language or statements considered to be inappropriate will not be tolerated. Any language or comments intended to be demeaning towards race, age, gender, sexual preferences, socioeconomic status, nationality, location, or beliefs will not be tolerated in any way.

    One last thing: This is not a game; the game came in the box. This is a group of organized and like-minded individuals who enjoy the game. We are all here to have fun and enjoy the game but we shouldn't take it so seriously that it detracts from it.

    1. The term "Group Level Mods" refers to mods that were tested, voted on, and accepted by the squad. Mods that do NOT require a vote on and are acceptable for use at a member's discretion are "eye and ear candy" mods. These would include but not exclusive to, mods that only change visual or sound effects during game play. These could include mods such as sound mods, smoke mods, textures, etc. It is advised to check with HQ first if they are ok to use during normal squad flying.

    2. The term "Mod" refers to ANY altered game file, plane, map, AI behavior, or game original file not included with 1946 and it's official patches.