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1940 - The evacuation of Allied troops from Dunkirk, France, during World War II began.
1940 - Britain's Operation Dynamo gets underway as President Roosevelt makes a radio appeal for the Red Cross On this day in 1940, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt makes known the dire straits of Belgian and French civilians suffering the fallout of the British-German battle to reach the northern coast of France, and appeals for support for the Red Cross "Tonight, over the once peaceful roads of Belgium and France, millions are now moving, running from their homes to escape bombs and shells and machine gunning, without shelter, and almost wholly without food," broadcast FDR. On May 26, the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from Dunkirk in France. Ships arrived at Calais to remove the Force before German troops occupied the area, and it was hoped that 45,000 British soldiers could be shipped back to Britain within two days. The German air force, though, had other plans. Determined to prevent the evacuation, the Luftwaffe initiated a bombing campaign in Dunkirk and the surrounding area. British, Polish, and Canadian fighter pilots succeeded in fending off the German attack in the air, allowing finally for a delayed, but successful, evacuation nine days later. But the cost to civilians was great, as thousands of refugees fled for their lives to evade the fallout of the battle.
1940 - "Miracle at Dunkirk"


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Upcoming Events: 05-27 FnFooS - 21:00 EST, 05-28 AH COOP Night 2100 est. KOPS COOP's 2230, 05-29 Sicily Campaign - 21:00 EST , 06-03 Squad Meeting - 20:30 EST - FnFooS - 21:00 EST , 06-04 AH COOP Night 2100 est. KOPS COOP's 2230, 06-05 Sicily Campaign - 21:00 EST

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